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Work Disability Insurance Cover

  • What is Work Disability Cover

    Work Disability Cover provides cash in the event that you become disabled and can no longer work and therefore earn an income.

    Work Disability Cover is also commonly referred to as: Work Disability Insurance, Lump Sum Disability, or Lump Sum Income Protection.

  • Who should buy Work Disability Cover

    If you are employed you should be covered for the event that you may not be able to earn an income due to disability.

  • What is the benefit of having Work Disability Cover

    Work Disability Cover will work for you when you are unable to work and provide for yourself. It is crucial to make sure you and your dependants can continue living if you become disabled. Work Disability Cover can help ensure that you do not become a burden unto someone else - insure your income and ensure your future!

  • How much Disability Cover should you have

    Depending on your age you will need anything from 5x to 25x your annual income.

Product Details Product Highlights

Our insurance products have the following unique features:

  • Online, convenient, money saving insurance with complete peace of mind
  • Up to R4.5 million cover with no medical exams required
  • Qualify for 20% Cash Back every 10 years
  • Optional annual benefit increase of 5% to help keep pace with inflation
  • Cover is to age 65
  • Entry age of 20 to 59
  • Increase, decrease or cancel your cover any time without penalties

Client Benefits Our Client Benefits

Our clients have 24-7 access to the following benefits:

  • Quote in under 1 minute, buy in less than 20 minutes – online!
  • Access to, a secure and convenient online policy management service

    • Change your banking and contact details easily - saving you time
    • View your policy communications and policy documents
    • Make changes to your levels of cover
    • Update your beneficiaries

Product Details Tips

  • The intention of Work Disability Cover is to put you in the same position as you were before becoming disabled.
  • The younger you are, the longer you need to provide for.
  • Don't stop contributing to your retirement plans. Work Disability Cover ceases at age 65 and then your retirement savings should provide further - so don't neglect your retirement planning!

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