Cash Back Life Insurance

  • What is Cash Back

    • The Instant Cash Back Benefit is your Reward for Living Life!
    • This benefit pays you back 20% of all your payments made, every 10 years
  • Who should get Cash Back

    Everyone should have this benefit. It's free, and the cash can be used however you want – you decide!

  • How does Cash Back work

    - A 40 year old female pays R16 per day for life cover of R6m...

    - After 10 years, she will receive R16,297 back in cash...

    - After 20 years, she will receive a further R33,590...

    - And after 30 years, she will receive a further R69,230...

    - That is a total cash back benefit of R119,117!

    The longer you keep the policy, the more cash you get back.

Product Details Product Highlights

  • It's free! We have added this benefit at no extra cost.
  • It's tax-free
  • So, not only are Instant Life payments up to 30% cheaper, you also get a further 20% cash back!
  • Offered only on products where a Cash Back benefit is specified.
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