Primacy Cash Back

What is the Primacy Cash Back

  • The Primacy Cash back is your Reward for banking with Absa
  • This benefit pays you back your first 3 monthly payments as a once-off cash back benefit after successfully collecting 6 consecutive monthly payments from an Absa bank account that meets the qualifying criteria below

How do I Qualify for the Primacy Cash Back?

The primacy cash back is only available on the Life Cover product.

In order to qualify for the primacy cash back, you will need to:

  • have your income, as declared when you opened your account (salary, wages or other income), deposited into your Absa bank account for at least 3 consecutive months; and
  • be registered for the Absa Banking App or Cellphone Banking or Absa Online Banking.

This benefit will only be paid if the policy is still active.

You will only qualify for this benefit once.

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