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Accidental Death Insurance Cover

  • What is Accidental Death Cover

    Accidental Death Cover provides cash in the event of death from an accident.

  • Who should buy Accidental Death Cover

    If you are medically uninsurable or have debt or dependants you should have Accidental Death Cover.

    Note: Our Life Cover product automatically includes cover for accidental death and natural death.

  • What is the benefit of having Accidental Death Cover

    You can't predict accidents but you can determine what you leave behind for your family. It will help your family continue living when you can no longer provide for them.

Product Details Product Highlights

Our insurance products have the following unique features:

  • Online, convenient, moneysaving insurance with complete peace of mind
  • Up to R6 million cover with no medical exams required
  • Qualify for 20% Cash Back every 10 years
  • Optional annual benefit increase of 5% to help keep pace with inflation
  • Pays you cash up to 12 months before death in the event of terminal illness
  • Cover is for your whole life
  • Covers natural and accidental death
  • Entry age of 20 to 65
  • Increase, decrease or cancel your cover any time without penalties
  • You, the life insured, or your spouse may make the monthly payments

Client Benefits Our Client Benefits

Our clients have 24-7 access to the following benefits:

  • Quote in under 1 minute, buy in less than 20 minutes – online!
  • Access to, a secure and convenient online policy management service

    • Change your banking and contact details easily - saving you time
    • View your policy communications and policy documents
    • Make changes to your levels of cover
    • Update your beneficiaries

Product Tips Tips

  • Always have a beneficiary nominated. Without a beneficiary nomination the cash will fall within your estate and that means a delay in getting it to the people who need it most, your loved ones.
  • If you are married it is always good to nominate your spouse as a beneficiary. By doing this you will save on estate duty. Read more about estate duty.
  • Have your will updated regularly. It is the only way to ensure that your assets go to the right people after your death. Read more about wills.

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